Anthonie Lodewijk (‘Anton L.’) Koster

Terneuzen 1859 – 1937 Haarlem

Antonie Lodewijk Koster was born in the province of Zeeland. He studied at the Art Academy of The Hague and chose landscape painting as his specialty.  Therefore he received some advise from the famous artist Hendrik Willem Mesdag. In 1891 Koster moved to Haarlem and a few years later to the nearby town of Heemstede, a region known for its bulb and flower fields. Koster was captured by the beauty of the bulb afields and painted them in a colourful, impressionist style. He soon became one of the most gifted representatives of the genre.

Paintings and watercolours by Anthonie Lodewijk Koster in the collection of Kunsthandel Bies:

Anton L. Koster | The Waag (weigh house) at the Spaarne, Haarlem | Kunsthandel Bies | Bies Gallery

The Waag (weigh house) at the Spaarne, Haarlem